Monday, January 14, 2008

Some info about me

Wow, where to start? Well, I'm divorced, a mom that works full time and thinks going out means walking the dog farther than around the block! I realize I seriously need to change that, so here I am! I'm something of an original. My motto is, either you love me, or why are you still here again? The most important things in life to me are family, appreciating self and each other, and just having a good time while we're here, and I really love collegewildparties. So, if you feel the same way and value a good cup o'Tims like I do, then we should definately chat sometime!!
Take care, talk to you soon!!
PS, not a card-paying member, so very limited with the smiling, etc??

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Little Prince

i honestly say that... it hit the pit of my stomach about yesterday... when my grandma gave me a heartfelt hug after fixing her fence and saying "i can always depend on you matty... i love you" and later finding out that she cried in front of my mom about it... it really hurts to leave... i sound like such a momma's and nana's boy but i am going to miss them terribly... i am the closest i think to them out of all thier kids and grandkids... that isnt the only thing that hurts... i guess its just the fear of going over there and winding up like i was in high school for so many years... the only one without a girlfriend... watching everyone else in bliss... its rather immature to be complaining about something so trivial... but still... i dont know what to do about these feelings deep in my heart... :(. i am sure in time i will come to accept things and live my own life like i have always wanted to... until then... i will survive.... because hanging on that... keeps me going...